Hello, we're Tasty Little Things

We've created super-tasty seasoning blends from quality seeds + spices, including the very best Tasmanian sea salt and locally-grown poppy seeds.

Our first Tasty Little Things blend is the Bagel-Style Seasoning, and it's going to add extra flavour and a crunchy bite to your meals with very little fuss. For those who like a little heat, the Red Chilli Seasoning is a great way to spice things up. Our newest variety is the Wasabi Pea Furikake, and this blend adds an addictive crunch to rice-based dishes.

A tasty new look

Your favourite flavour blends from OMNI SALT now have a fresh new look, but the same great taste. Tasty Little Things is the name of our range, and we’ll be expanding our products to include more super-addictive varieties soon, so stay tuned!

The Everything Bagel

  • An 'Everything Bagel' is a traditional bagel topped with a mixture of individual bagel seasonings — poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic, onion, salt, and pepper, hence the name 'everything'. The 'Everything Bagel' became popular in New York in the 70s & 80s, and is still a best seller to this day.

    The savoury crunch of Everything Bagel seasoning soon became a popular way to season things that weren't bagels — salads, vegetables, meat... you name it.

  • Everything Bagel seasoning is a great way to add the incredible taste of a New York bagel to almost anything. If you love the crunch of toasted sesame seeds paired with garlic, onion, and poppy seeds, then you'll find this blend will go with all of your recipes.

Owner and founder of Tasty Little Things, Emily, stands in her kitchen holding a large platter of bagels topped with bagel-style seasoning

Our story starts small...

Hello, I'm Emily. My family love to eat (we've got two growing boys!), and I'm always looking for shortcuts in the kitchen to save time, while also serving up delicious meals we can all enjoy.

In the last few months of 2020 I got busy in the kitchen making a batch of homemade Everything Bagel seasoning. It was an ordeal. I visited four different shops to get the ingredients I needed in tiny (expensive!) packets. Costly, and time-consuming, and I hadn't even set foot in the kitchen yet. 

I got to measuring and mixing, and once I'd finished I began to see what the hype was about. After the first taste sprinkled on some capsicum spread with cream cheese? I was instantly hooked... if only I'd been able to purchase a ready-made Everything Bagel blend easily! A quick online search and I came up with nothing nearby. So — here we are! I decided to do it myself.

Homemade bagels covered in Tasty Little Things bagel-style seasoning

Tasty Little Things was born from the frustration of hard-to-source ingredients, very little time, and a very disorganised spice cupboard.

If you're like us and you love maximum flavour in every bite, then I know you'll enjoy it as much as we all do. Our Tasty Little Things Bagel-Style Seasoning blend is the salty, seedy, savoury crunch your meals have been missing.