A close up of Tasty Little Things bagel-style seasoning sprinkled on top of eggs benedict

Bagel-Style Seasoning

Inspired by the 'Everything Bagel' popular in New York in the 70s and 80s, our bagel-style seasoning combines poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic, onion, salt and pepper to to add the incredible taste of a New York bagel to almost anything.

Breakfast scene with avocado, an egg and bagel-style seasoning on toast

The finishing touch

Create food that tastes as good as it looks with Tasty Little Things

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A close up of Tasty Little Things Wasabi Pea Furikake sprinkled on top of a bowl of rice

Wasabi Pea Furikake

Our Wasabi Pea Furikake blend packs a real punch. Featuring crushed wasabi peas, toasted sesame seeds and Tasmanian sea salt, our Wasabi Pea Furikake blend will add an umami flavour to all of your home-cooked dishes.

Close up detail of a glass jar filled with Tasty Little Things bagel-style seasoning, featuring sesame seeds, poppy seeds and sea salt

Full of flavour

A close up of Tasty Little Things Red Chilli Seasoning on a prawn

Red Chilli Seasoning

Add loads of extra crunch and spicy flavour to your dishes with a pinch of our Red Chilli Seasoning. Blending chilli with sesame seeds, poppy seeds and Tasmanian sea-salt, our Red Chilli Seasoning is highly addictive.

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